Auto Feeding and Good Care by Robot Peto

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What they need

We are so lonely and depressed that we are far away from our master. So I get stressed, I do not want to exercise, I only eat a lot of rice.

Something good

I wish I had a friend. It will not be lonely and not depressed. And I would be so happy if he gave me something to eat.

Kinds of Fish
Our Peto robot can be a friend to any Pets.

Fun birds

Some birds can take good care of our robots.

Peto feeding
for good

Pet alone?

No problem!

Friendly Pets

Peto is very friendly and give the pets fun to play.

How dangerous are they

At all dangers, Peto safely protects our pets.

Keep them healthy

It protects the health of the pets by providing exercise to the pets like play.

Just as you love Pets, our Peto will love your Pets.

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