Good Food

Good food is food after exercise.

Peto & Behavior

Let some Pets become a friend of Robot Peto through some exercise learning.

Good play

Now it is time to exercise while playing with Peto. Then delicious food is waiting for you.


Robot Peto is the best gift for your Pets.

Health care

Peto is a very pleasant friend of the bird.

Happy Time

After Peto and play, you can sleep enough. I sleep well especially in the evening.

Peto feeding
for good

Pet alone?

No problem!

Friendly Pets

Peto is very friendly and give the pets fun to play.

How dangerous are they

At all dangers, Peto safely protects our pets.

Keep them healthy

It protects the health of the pets by providing exercise to the pets like play.

Just as you love Pets, our Peto will love your Pets.

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