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Pet Guide


Peto is a very sensitive robot. Putting Peto close to the pets can cause them to break down because they bite.
Avoid water damage with very weak water.

How should I exercise?

At first, pets can pick up, so you have to learn with laser pointer. If you repeat it, Pets will exercise themselves and reward you with rice.

Good vs Bed 

Pets can not eat rice at first. So you have to make a habit of exercising using delicious learning food.

What need they?

Food does little exercise in a small room. Not only sadder. So I eat a lot of rice. They need a friend. Our Peto will be a good friend to them.

Do and Don't

Pets who think they are trapped can act badly. But Peto will turn this bad direction into good behavior.

Peto is 

Peto is a robot that protects your Pets. When you are not there, Peto will give you a lot of help for the pets you love. Especially, it has a great effect on Pets lacking exercise. Peto will keep your pets from being lonely. Exercise moves the laser point and makes use of the properties of the pets' photoreactions. If you do not want to exercise, you can set your time and feed your food. It is Peto's ability to sense the movement of the pets. As a rule, you will not feed if you do not exercise. Feeds feed the food according to the radio signal of peto in the feeding bucket. Your pets will probably be very happy.

Good Foods

After exercising, Pets will have a pleasant meal. This is an important issue. If you exercise, any food is good for them.

A Healthy life 

Pets also maintain good health if they exercise like a human being. If the owner does not have time to take a walk outside with their pets, their health will be much worse. Like a cattle in a cage.
Therefore, if they provide an opportunity to enjoy the sport, their health will remain good.

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