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Currently, the pet care and pet care and food markets are currently generating around $ 300 billion.
Because there is a huge demand in this market, it is a very favorable market for huge profits if there are certain items.
In countries where the GNP exceeds $ 30,000, the pets market is growing very fast, among which the Care portion of companion animals is already becoming a high value added item.
A cat or dog is a very clever animal, so when the owner goes out or goes to work or separates from the owner, he can not speak, but when he is mentally depressed or mentally distressed, he or she becomes unusual. In addition to this, physically, when companion animals are forced to play in the wild, they are often insufficiently exercised and have a short life expectancy due to diseases similar to adult diseases such as obesity, hyperlipemia and hypertension.
When a long-time companion dies, the owner not only has a sense of loss, but also costs a lot of money before the death.
If this part is resolved, owners with many companion animals will be welcome.
In order to solve this problem, our company developed a system to move, control and manage the animals to move, feed, and manage the animals, and sell the management system that can feed and care for the companion animals at home effectively There is.
We are recruiting Distributor (3 million people) and Agent (150,000 people) for online sales and offline sales of products. If you are interested, please refer to Youtube and if you are interested in business, please contact us and we will share the details and information.

Robot Peto

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